“I have 3 kids who have all taken different lessons at Triple Threat. From dance to voice to guitar and drums, we continue to be so impressed with how knowledgeable and personable the instructors are! Our kids look forward to their lessons each week! We have loved watching our kids’ skills grow over the years. We also love how the studio communicates with us as parents, always keeping us informed of upcoming events. Overall, this studio is top notch! “


Kelley Goings


“Triple Threat Dance Center is an excellent  experience for dancers, performers, musicians, and parents.

My daughter (and I) joined the Triple Threat family when the center first opened and she continued until she went to college. She became an excellent dancer and performer and we gained a family in Triple Threat and lifelong friends.

May daughter’s best friend, today, danced with her at Triple Threat and their experience was so good that they would take a class together now if they could.

Two years after my daughter went to college, my granddaughter joined Triple Threat and is now in her tenth year. Soon after that, my grandson enrolled and he is now in his seventh year.

I value good experiences and Triple Threat is that. The instructors, front office team, and owners are friendly, responsive, and inclusive.

Thank you Triple Threat!”


Lisa Moore

“I enrolled my daughter at Triple Threat School of Dance, Music & Acting when she was a quiet and shy 5 year-old who barely knew her left from right. She has been a student for 3 years now in a number of different classes and each teacher has been truly amazing! It has been an incredible experience watching her grow into a confident and skilled performer. Triple Threat not only cares about your child, but also cares about the community. I am always impressed by the annual benefit performance and their fundraising efforts for a local non-profit of choice. They always pull out all the stops with costuming, venue selection, lighting, etc. to make sure it’s a spectacular show! We love TRIPLE THREAT DANCE!”


Ashley Pendley

“Triple Threat Dance Center is not just a dance school, it is a dance family. We have been part of the studio for 8 years and I am so proud of the dancers my daughters have become. Miss Kim and Miss Holly have created an environment that teaches their students the technical and performance skills needed in a professional environment. The staff is dedicated to our children, giving them every opportunity to learn and succeed in dance, music and theater. I am very proud to be part of Triple Threat, and my daughters love to dance, sing, and perform. When others ask me where they need to go to start dancing, I always say Triple Threat! They are the
Resica Cecil

“My daughter has taken guitar lessons at Triple Threat for 4 years and it has been an amazing experience.  It is such a pleasure to watch her perform and see how far she has come not only musically but also as a person.  Her confidence and self image have improved greatly as she has learned to create music with her guitar.  Each year at her recital I am more and more proud of her accomplishments!  The rewards of learning a musical instrument are immeasurable! 

My daughter has such a great time at the school of rock camp, in fact she could not wait for it to start this summer!  I like that she is learning the business side of music and all the details and hard work that goes into creating a band, writing original songs and working together with others to create music.  School of rock camp has inspired her to write more original songs and she is even looking at recording some of the original music!  School of rock camp ROCKS!”

Tiffany Coldiron

“Teachers at Triple Threat are awesome!”, says my 11 year old daughter, Abbey. They encourage her to be the best she can be. Her teachers are kind, patient, and will work with her on whatever goal she is working on in voice. As a parent I am thrilled with the progress Abbey has acheived!”

Gwen Brewer


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